Omorovicza – A Treatment Cleanser

The art of cleansing your face has been a vivid discussion within the Beauty community for years. While seeing male friends of mine simply washing their face in the shower with only hot water (too hot) or a simple soap (oh, please don’t do that to your skin’s lipid barrier) the fact remains: their skin often look perfect! I know right? Incredibly frustrating. But here’s the thing: when it comes to skin and skin health its not only important to look good. In order to have the skin feeling good, behaving in a positive way and strengthen it by taking preventive actions – then a good skincare routine is advisable. And that always begins with a correct cleansing product (or four).

Your skin is your body’s shield from any harmful threats. It holds your blood vessels. It allows perspiration to penetrate. It is your largest organ and with a rapid cell turnover, you should help it to keep clean and free from old dead skin cells.

We often talk about Double cleansing; ancient knowledge and practice in Japanese and Korean skincare routines and quite frankly a must for your nighttime skincare routine in order to remove makeup, SPF and other debris.

I tend to Tripple cleanse; by staring off with a micellar water product to remove heavy eye-makeup and top layer of any face makeup. Then I prefer a thicker alternative, such as a balm- or an oil cleanser to break down the rest of my makeup and SPF while also target any environmental damage caused by pollution. Lastly, I often go back in with a water-based cleanser such as a gel because I personally enjoy splashing water to my face and not only settle for the cloth-vipeoff.

You will hear many experts say that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleansers because the amount of time they stay on your face (compared to, let’s say a serum) is next to nothing. How much can their ingredients really matter? Can a cleanser even qualify as a Treatment Product? 

I was unsure. Until I had my first run with Omorovicza’s Thermal Cleansing Balm. And that was it. It will forever have a place in my collection. and here’s why:

First of all, Omorovicza as a brand stands for everything that is well proven and documented over time when it comes to ingredients and utilising what nature can give us. This Hungarian SPA-brand is expensive and luxurious for a reason: their patented “Hydro Mineral Transference” and “Healing Concentrate™” is designed to teach the body to recognize what it needs in terms of minerals, trace elements etc. The products are intelligent and lush.

Secondly: as the Thermal Cleansing Balm holds only clean ingredients (no silicones, parabens, SLS, PEGs, petrochemicals or synthetic colours or fragrances) you only pay for the good stuff.

And third and most importantly: the combination of ingredients that do set it apart form other cleaners and transform it into a treatment by default.

As the balm is built up using Thermal Water and Mud from the rich surroundings of Budapest it support all other ingredients with nutrients. Inside this pot of joy you’ll find”

  • Hungarian Moor Mud: providing the skin with Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid both ingredients are known anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants that may aid with situations of mild eczema and contact dermatitis.
  • Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates: the wonderful mud also brings a cocktail of purifying ingredients that works well as absorbents to remove any excess oil and dirt on your skin. As with most popular mud-products it helps to unclog pores in a heartbeat.
  • Acerola, Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil: makes this balm-to-oil rich and emollient with a longevity for you to really work the product over your skin and perform a good face massage with only a small amount to use. Filled with brightening Vitamin C, Magnesium and Copper all these rich minerals helps to sooth the skin, nourish it and protect it while carefully neutralise it from free radicals.
  • Thermal Water: rich in minerals and trace elements it is a wonderful addition to the INCI-list; although it comes fairly low down in the ranking.
  • Orange Blossom Neroli: yes, the balm is scented. This might be a question mark for some but with my very sensitive skin, it works well! Omorovicza only uses the finest raw ingredients from Grasse, France and the sent is invigorating without being overpowering.

Now, in order for this to really become a cleansing treatment it’s all in how to use the product. Although Omorovicza claim it to even break down waterproof mascara I personally find it way too expensive to use as a first cleaner! I want all the amazing ingredients to actually stay on my skin.

I remove as much makeup as possible with a micellar water, then use a spatula and apply a small amount of cleansing balm to my cheeks and gently start massaging upwards in circular motions. The warmth from my fingers will have the balm melt into a warm, lush oil and this is where the treatment begins: Take your time! I make sure to give myself a really good facial massage, work all tissues and get the blood stream flowing. The longer time the product gets to sit on my skin, the more benefits I’ll enjoy. As the balm also holds beewax, it never dries out your skin in the process.

Thermal Cleansing Balm is not supposed to be removed with water! As with most luxurious balm-to-oil products, you remove it (and all the dirt) with a soft cloth or muslin. Normally I feel the need to go back in with a second water-based cleanser but with this one I stop and enjoy the benefits. My skin feels clean but more so, nourished, plump and fresh to the point where I prefer to actually wait a but to continue adding any other products of my routine. I just like to enjoy the feeling and let my skin soak up all the goodies.

So, back to the original question(s): can a cleaner be a treatment for the skin and is it worth it to splurge on?

My answer is that in this particular case it can and you should. Paired with one of the brand’s Thermal Mud Masks if might be one if my more luxurious home routines and when it comes to professional SPA-treatments, I can’t wait to review the Omorovicza Gold Treatment available at Waldorf Astoria Dubai for you to experience. I’m very happy with the brand’s ethos, their story and attention to details. I also enjoy the heavy glass jar it comes in; I find that adds to That Luxurious Feeling. 

Love, M

    1. HI Sweetie! Thank you so much for this comment, I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week. Yes I know that this product will be right up your alley, hopefully you’ll get to try it very soon. Sending love…M

    1. Hi Dear Rich! To be honest, my skin is so sensitive, that if I fall asleep with ANY makeup or residue left on it, I break out like a teenager 🙁 I have to cleanse without stripping my skin. Its a balancing act. LOVE, M

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